RECLAIM materials for a second life

Everyday lots of perfectly good building materials get taken out of homes and businesses and hauled off to the landfill. Fine cabinets, counter tops, lumber, appliances, doors, hardware, trim and many other items get thrown away that could be saved and re-sold and have a new life in another home or business. Even old growth lumber and bricks are often thrown away. These old building materials can’t even be replaced because they are not available anymore.

REUSE with pride

Our clients and customers include furniture makers, renovators and contractors and home owners who want to create their own projects for homes and businesses. The ReUse Warehouse is a unique resource for vintage lumber, doors, windows, flooring, tile, hardware, lighting, kitchen and bath cabinets, sinks and fixtures. Our clients have created their own designs including: Greenhouses, sheds, chicken coops, garden beds, fences, gates, tables, book cases and shelving, picture frames and much more.

REBUILD and save money

The Reuse Warehouse does not just sell reclaimed raw building materials. We have a fully equipped shop and highly skilled craftsmen to create your designs from our reclaimed wood, metal and glass. Our projects have included; dining tables, counter and island tops for homes and restaurants, console, coffee and end tables, benches, stools, work tables and desks, bookcases, sliding doors, picture frames and other designs created from repurposed vintage pine and oak siding, posts, beams, joists, rafters and framing lumber, bead board, flooring and molding salvaged from barns, schools and tobacco and textile mills, vintage doors and windows.

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We are located at 1400 E Geer Street Durham, NC.

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