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Hammer Silhouette


More than 270,000 homes and 44,000 commercial structures are demolished each year in the US. This means each year we demolish about 1 billion square feet of building space. The ReUse Warehouse can salvage up to 80% of a building through our deconstruction process.


Retail Store

The Reuse Warehouse: Retail Store The Reuse Warehouse has a retail location at 1400 E Geer Street in Durham, North Carolina. We are open to the public and no appointment is necessary. We have a very large selection of building

Vintage Table

The Reuse Studio

The ReUse Warehouse has skilled woodworkers on-site who build high-quality pieces with reclaimed lumber and other materials. We would love to help you make your dream project come true: call us at 919-452-9129 or send us an email Here’s


Reclaimed Lumber

We’ve got old wood. If you’ve been to Home Depot and you’ve poked around at Lowe’s, you might long for the days when a beam and a board looked and smelled like they once came from a mighty tree. At



The ReUse Warehouse is happy to accept donations of building materials, however, there are some items we do not accept, so be sure to check with us before you come.

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Our mission at the ReUse Warehouse is to reduce the amount of materials going to landfills and provide an outlet for these materials to find new uses. We accomplish our mission through our deconstruction services and retail store, and by

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