Located in Durham, NC, the Reuse Warehouse is a small business that deconstructs barns, warehouses, and old houses and diverts from the landfill as much of the material as possible. We achieve this through our retail store, located at 1400 E Geer Street, where we process and sell reclaimed materials. We specialize in reclaimed lumber, with over 10,000 square feet of lumber racks.

In addition to deconstruction and retail sales of reclaimed building materials, we offer custom milling and finishing for beams and other reclaimed lumber. Primarily, we create mantle pieces and shelves. We also have a wide selection of live-edge slabs in a variety of species.

Also located at the warehouse is our carpentry shop, where we produce custom and retail furniture from reclaimed materials. Our carpenters are skilled in joinery and finishing and can produce sustainable pieces from local, reclaimed materials.