Have a House,Garage or Barn that needs to go?

Here is all you need to do:

1. Call us at 919-452-9129 if you are going to renovate or tear down your home or business structure. We are interested in all usable building materials such as: kitchens, bathrooms, decks, lumber, lights, doors, windows and much more.

2. We will arrange a time to view and go over your project to see if deconstruction and material salvage is a good option. Sometimes this can be done via pictures and email for small projects.

3. We can facilitate a donation for you through our 503(c) partner or a discount on the demo if the tax deduction is of no benefit to you.

C and D Waste

More than 270,000 homes and 44,000 commercial structures are demolished each year in the US. This means each year we demolish about 1 billion square feet of building space. Estimates of how much waste this amounts to vary wildly: a 1998 EPA study suggests that C&D waste amounted to 136 million tons. However, a 2003 EPA study found C&D waste to be 170 million tons, or 3.2 lbs per capita day (pcd). The Institute for Local Self-Reliance says annual C&D waste is almost 230 million tons.  A study published in C&D World Magazine came up with a much higher number, 680 million tons to 860 million tons.

C and D Waste 2Most of this waste is buried in landfills. Not only does this mean that toxic materials like PVC and lead paint are being buried in places where they might contaminate groundwater, but it also means that a very large amount of material that is still useful, and therefore valuable, is being wasted.

Easily 50 to 80% of a home can be reused, reducing landfill waste and cost. Deconstruction is the practice of carefully disassembling a building so that its materials — everything from siding to floor joists — can be reused in a new building. The ReUse Warehouse deconstructs buildings in the Triangle area of North Carolina at competitive rates and most of the inventory at our retail store comes from such deconstruction activities.