We’ve got old wood.

If you’ve been to Home Depot and you’ve poked around at Lowe’s, you might long for the days when a beam and a board looked and smelled like they once came from a mighty tree. At the ReUse Warehouse, our lumber is real lumber. It looks, feels, smells, and weighs like good wood should.

Our lumber is reclaimed. It comes from cow barns and tobacco warehouses, plantation mansions and log cabins, North Carolina buildings constructed over the last two centuries. The lumber found in these old structures is of an exceptional quality.

At the ReUse Warehouse we have a wide selection of reclaimed lumber that includes pine, oak, and cedar as well as a few other species. Since we acquire lumber primarily through deconstructing buildings in the Triangle-area, we tend to have a whole lot of pine.  We have planks and beams of many different dimensions. The lumber area of our warehouse takes up more than 10,000 square feet. Whether you are looking for a twenty-four foot 6 by 8, a hand-hewn 10 by 10, or a 2 by 4 that actually measures 2 inches by 4, a trip to our reclaimed lumber racks is always worthwhile.